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Teacher Resource Page

Teacher Resource Page

2019-2020 Staff Handbook  
2019-2020 Student Handbook  

Workforce Readiness

Teacher Meeting, March 22, Agenda  
Week 1 - Teachers  
Week 1 - Tech  
Crowded Learning Crowded Learning
Easy Teacher Worksheets - FREE Teacher Worksheets -  Simple and FREE
Top EdTech Tools - 2019 Winter  
     Quizlet    (Flashcards)  
     EdPuzzle  (Video)  
     Quizizz    (Quiz Creation by student or teacher)  
     Actively Learn     (Reading)  
     Kahoot!    (Quiz, games, trivia creation)  
     Flipgrid    (Social Learning)  
     Lingt     (Create speaking assignments)  
     Insert Learning   (Insert questions into web assignments)   (Updated vocabulary site)  
     Padlet    (Virtual Bulletin Board)  
     NearPod and Google    (webinar)  

Election Day/Civics

Election Day - Civics Renewal Center  Engaging Civic Learning Resources

Financial Lots of resources Basic lesson plans, not techie Banking Role Play (ESL Beg II & up) FDIC Money Smart Program

GED Test GED Testing Service - Educators site Tuesdays for GED Teachers Webinars

Health  Staying Healthy for For Beginners (FL Literacy Coalition) Teachers Guide - Staying Healthy for For Beginners (FL Literacy Coalition) Staying Healthy Teachers Video Visit to the Doctor's Role Play (ESL Beg II & up)

Workforce Readiness Employment Soft Skills - Curriculum and Resources for Adults ACT-WorkKeys for Job Seekers Video Resumes - How to Goodwill Career Centers - CT Career Pathway Learning Links - Thomas Jeffersion Learning Center, VA CMS Learn Credential

Websites for Teachers

*MathLinks Math Links for Teachers
EFL Magazine EFL Magazine  Pinterest - search for lesson ideas Teachers Pay Teachers Cybrary Man's Educational Web ites North Carolina Library of ESL Lessons Lantern Fish ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans  Learning Links from Thomas Jefferson Learning Center, VA

 USALearns Teacher page and App page Charles LaRue - Minnesota Literacy Council ESL Reading and Listening Skills Study & Tests Resource of Educational Web Tools & Mobile Apps YOU TUBE Math Channels for Teachers

Teacher Professional Websites

CAACE Connecticut Association for Adult and Continuing Education Professional Organization
ATDN / Adult Training and Development Network Statewide professional development resource for all of CT's adult educators
CT State Department of Education CT Dept of Education for Adult Education

Other   Lessons by Lauren Bachner - VRAE PM ESL Teacher Create a classroom FAVORITES webpage Blended Learning explanation

ESL Professional Development Agendas




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May 18, 2018 - ESL End of Year

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