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What is the Adult High School Credit Diploma Program (CDP)?
The Adult High School Credit Diploma Program allows you to earn your diploma by completing 21 credits required for a local high school diploma. Credits may be earned in two ways: by attending classes in regular classroom settings and by additional options of work experience, home management, and military experience. These earned credits are then recorded on your transcript. When you have met all the required and elective requirements (21 credits) you will be eligible for your diploma. Students can be admitted to the program at the beginning of each term. There are four terms in each year.
How do I register for classes?
You must be at least seventeen years of age, officially withdrawn from day school and a resident of Ansonia, Derby, Monroe, Seymour or Shelton. When you register you must present an official transcript and a withdrawal letter from the last high school attended, signed by a parent or guardian. The Credit Diploma Counselor will then review the transcript and determine what courses you need to take to meet graduation requirements. You will then begin to attend evening classes in the CDP held at The Richard O. Belden Cultural Center (former Lafayette School), 54 Grove Street, Shelton.
How long will it take to earn my diploma?
This depends on a student's background, needs and program options.
The length of your program will depend on the number of credits you must earn to attain the required total of 21 credits. The more credits you have earned in day school, the fewer credits you will have to earn with us.
Does my attendance affect my grade?
Yes, your attendance is essential for successfully completing the program. You must attend the required number of classroom hours in order to earn credit for each class. If you have two absences in a class the Credit Diploma Counselor will meet with you to discuss the issues that may keep you from successfully completing your program. After three absences from a class, you are withdrawn from that class and must repeat it in another term. There are no excused tardies; each tardiness counts as an absence.
How much do the programs cost?
The Adult High School Credit Diploma Program is free to residents of Ansonia, Derby, Monroe, Seymour and Shelton who meet program eligibility requirements.
Who issues my diploma?
When you have fulfilled the requirements of the program, you will receive a diploma from Valley Regional Adult High School, issued by the Shelton Board of Education. Upon completion of the program you will be invited to the graduation ceremony held each May/June.
Is one diploma better than the other?
No. The GED-High School Equivalency Diploma and the Adult High School Credit Diploma are equally valid.
The Adult High School Credit Diploma and GED-High School Equilvalency Diploma are accepted by colleges, employers and branches of the military.

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