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Official GED Test Information

  • GED Test Preview
GED Test Preview
  • GED Website
        Official GED Test Website
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  • GED Tutorials
        Computer Skills Tutorial
        Computer-Based Testing
GED Tutorials
  •  GED Math Study Tutorials &

Math Study Websites
Math Formula Sheet
Math Graphic Organizers
Math Word Problem Translator Guide
Calculator Reference Sheet
Calculator Tutorial

  • State of CT - GED webpage
        Official State of CT GED Test Info
        GED Transcript Request

State of CT - Official GED website
GED Transcript Request


Study Websites

Mr. Wilson's tech links


Mr Wilson's tech study sheet for

Mr Wilson's tech study sheet.pdf
McGraw-Hill GED Social Studies Practice
McGraw-Hill GED Language Arts Practice 
McGraw-Hill GED Writing Practice

Ms. Malick's tech links

McGraw-Hill GED Science Practice Test Questions
McGraw-Hill GED Math Practice Test Questions

 GED Practice Test Questions


GED Practice Tests Net
GED Practice Test Questions
Free GED Practice Tests
Free Practice Test on


  • Calculator
Youtube Video for the TI-30sx
Calculator Tutorial

  • GCF Learn Free 
        Free courses  


  • Grammar

  • Khan Academy
        Tutorials for all subjects


Create Khan Account Instructions.pdf

  • Math

GED Math collection of Khan Academcy Videos (Worksheets & some Interactive)

  • Science

Scientific Method - Test Your Hypothesis

  • Cartoons & Comics


  • Spelling Bee Game
        Spelling Games by grade

  • Social Studies

YouTube playlist - Spring 2017

          Language & Literature

History Ted ED
Language & Literature Ted ED
Math Ted ED
Science & Technology Ted ED
  • Typing 
        Tutor and Test
  • Vocabulary, Grammar & Math 

Teacher Website

  • Lesson Plans and Ideas

Florida Institute for PD for Adult Educators
     Games & Simulations
     Browse Resources

  • American Government, History, Civics
US Citizenship & Immigration Services
  • DropBox Tutorial
GCF Tutorial


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