Valley Regional Adult Education

ABE/GED Websites for Students

MyGed website
State of CT - GED webpage|#45490
GED Tutorials
GED Computer Skills Tutorial

Scientific Calculator
Typing Tutor and Test
Khan Academy - Math
Vocabulary @ Free Rice
 *Exercise List from MCE
Political Cartoons - modern
Political Cartoons - 18th& 19th century
News For You
Algebra I
High School Tutorials
Comics (writing)
GED websites recommended by Florida DOE
GCF Goodwill Learn Free International
Grammar in the Movies
Multimedia Resources for GEDŽ Study Multimedia Resources for GED Study
Math Resource Page from Shelton High School
News For You Online
Math is FUN
Spelling Bee Game
Road to Grammar
Vocabulary Quizes (Charity site)
Guide to Grammar and Writing

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